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Bataleon CRUISER 159cm or 161cm 2024 model

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Design and Construction:

  1. Shape: The Cruiser typically features a directional twin shape, meaning it's symmetrical in shape but with a slightly longer nose for enhanced float in powder and easier turn initiation.
  2. Flex: It usually has a medium flex, offering a balance between stability and playfulness. This makes it suitable for a wide range of riders, from beginners to advanced shredders.
  3. Core: The core of the Cruiser is often crafted using a combination of lightweight woods, such as poplar or paulownia, strategically placed for optimal performance and durability.
  4. Base: Equipped with a sintered base, the Cruiser ensures excellent glide and durability, allowing riders to maintain speed across various snow conditions.
  5. Edges: The board is equipped with reliable steel edges that provide superior grip and control, enhancing stability and confidence when carving on hardpack or icy terrain.


  1. Triple Base Technology (3BT): Bataleon's signature 3BT features uplifted edges at the contact points, offering the benefits of both camber and rocker profiles. This results in enhanced float in powder, smoother turn initiation, and reduced edge catch, making it easier to ride and control.
  2. SideKick: Many Bataleon boards, including the Cruiser, incorporate SideKick technology, which involves uplifted edges at the widest points of the nose and tail. This enhances float in powder and improves maneuverability, particularly when riding in variable snow conditions.
  3. Central Super Tube: Some models of the Cruiser may feature Central Super Tube technology, which involves hollow carbon rods inserted into the core. This enhances the board's responsiveness and pop while reducing weight.
  4. Twin 3BT: While the Cruiser typically has a directional twin shape, it may also feature Twin 3BT, which extends the benefits of 3BT to both the nose and tail, enhancing versatility and performance for freestyle riding.

Riding Experience:

  1. All-Mountain Versatility: The Cruiser excels across a wide range of terrain, from groomed runs and park laps to powder-filled bowls and tree runs. Its versatile design allows riders to confidently tackle whatever the mountain throws their way.
  2. Smooth and Predictable: With its balanced flex and innovative 3BT technology, the Cruiser offers a smooth and predictable ride. It inspires confidence in riders of all skill levels, allowing them to progress and push their limits with ease.
  3. Powder Performance: Thanks to its directional shape and 3BT profile, the Cruiser delivers excellent float in powder, allowing riders to effortlessly glide through deep snow without fear of getting bogged down.
  4. Carving and Control: The combination of camber underfoot and uplifted edges at the contact points provides exceptional edge hold and control, allowing riders to carve with precision and confidence on groomers and hardpack.

Conclusion: The Bataleon Cruiser is a versatile and high-performance snowboard designed to excel across a wide range of terrain. With its innovative 3BT technology, balanced flex, and premium construction, it offers a smooth, predictable, and enjoyable riding experience for shredders of all skill levels. Whether cruising groomers, slashing through powder, or hitting the park, the Cruiser delivers the performance and versatility riders demand to take their snowboarding to the next level.