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Capita Defenders of Awesome (DOA) 158cm Wide 2020 models

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Capita Defender's of awesome or better known as the DOA

you MIGHT NEED TO MSG me 0416221178 to make sure its in stock- in only have 1 atm. 

this is probably the most asked about board to be in stock. if this is in stock, just get it. 

3 times winner, its just rips everywhere. its a hybrid kick board, so its a particular profile that is camber between the inserts and from inserts to the tips is a flat section. its a very flat nose section, great presses and great snappy board. 

its rated as a 6 flex but more mid around the 5ish. 

this 2016 model has improved wood core from previous year. its unique becuase it has Kevlar wrapping around the board making it super strong. 

this is a freestyle charger board, this is the board that the pros use because they love it too. 

check out the review and make your own mind.