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Arbor Clovis CAMBER 157cm 2023 model

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The Arbor Clovis Camber snowboard is a high-performance board designed for all-mountain riding. Here are some of its key features and my review:

  • Camber Profile: The Clovis Camber features a traditional camber profile, which provides excellent edge control and pop. It's great for carving on hardpack and ice, and also gives you plenty of pop for jumps and tricks.

  • Medium-Stiff Flex: The medium-stiff flex of the Clovis Camber gives it a responsive feel and provides good support for more aggressive riding. It's not as forgiving as a softer board, but it rewards skilled riders with great performance.

  • Directional Shape: The Clovis Camber has a directional shape, which means it's designed to be ridden with a specific front and back. The nose is longer and wider than the tail, which helps with float in powder and stability at speed.

  • Grip Tech Sidecut: Arbor's Grip Tech sidecut uses multiple contact points along the edge of the board to provide extra grip on hard snow and ice. It's a great feature for riders who like to carve and want maximum control in all conditions.

Overall, the Arbor Clovis Camber is a fantastic all-mountain board for experienced riders who want a responsive, high-performance ride. It's not the most forgiving board out there, but if you're comfortable on a camber board and want a board that can handle any terrain and conditions, the Clovis Camber is definitely worth considering.

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