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Bataleon CAMEL TOE 162cm powder board

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(1262) Bataleon Camel Toe Snowboard Review - YouTube

Step into the next dimension of snowboarding with the Bataleon Camel Toe. Crafted for riders who crave powder and push the boundaries of all-mountain exploration, the Camel Toe offers a unique blend of innovation and performance.

Featuring a directional shape and a powerful profile, the Camel Toe excels in deep powder, effortlessly floating and carving through the snow. The Triple Base Technology (3BT) combines a traditional camber profile with lifted contact points for a forgiving ride that still delivers precise control when you need it most.

The Camel Toe's wider nose and narrower tail enhance its prowess in powder, providing maximum float and stability in the softest conditions. A setback stance ensures optimal weight distribution, allowing you to effortlessly surf through the white stuff with unparalleled control and style.

Built with Bataleon's renowned construction quality, the Camel Toe boasts a light and responsive core, delivering the perfect balance of flex and stiffness. Its sintered base ensures a fast and smooth glide, while the board's edges provide the grip needed to conquer variable terrain.

Whether you're slashing through powder fields, carving up groomers, or exploring the backcountry, the Bataleon Camel Toe is your ticket to an unforgettable ride. Elevate your snowboarding experience and embrace the thrill of the mountain with the Bataleon Camel Toe.