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Ladies Bataleon feelbetter 143cm 146cm 2023 model

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The Bataleon Feelbetter snowboard is a high-performance snowboard designed specifically for women who want to take their riding to the next level. With its advanced construction and versatile shape, this snowboard is perfect for a wide range of riding styles and skill levels.

The Feelbetter features a Triple Base Technology (3BT) profile, which means the base of the snowboard has a unique convex shape that helps reduce catch and increases stability. This profile also allows for quicker edge-to-edge transitions and a more forgiving ride overall.

The core of the Feelbetter is made from lightweight, poppy wood that provides a lively and responsive feel on the snow. This core is then wrapped in fiberglass to provide additional strength and durability without adding unnecessary weight. The result is a snowboard that is both lightweight and durable, making it ideal for riders who want to push their limits without worrying about damaging their gear.

The Feelbetter also features a medium flex rating, which strikes the perfect balance between responsiveness and forgiveness. This means that the snowboard is both playful and powerful, allowing riders to carve and jump with confidence.

Additional features of the Feelbetter include a sintered base for maximum speed and durability, as well as Bataleon's signature Sidekick technology, which provides additional lift and float in deep snow.

Overall, the Bataleon Feelbetter is a top-of-the-line snowboard that is perfect for intermediate to advanced female riders who want a board that can handle anything the mountain throws their way.


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