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Ride C-6 bindings 2023 model Black colour only.

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The RIDE C-6 snowboard bindings are an excellent choice for riders of all levels who demand high-performance and reliable bindings on the mountain. These bindings feature a lightweight aluminum chassis and a durable nylon highback, providing a responsive and comfortable ride. The C-6 bindings also incorporate a Wedgie 2.5 footbed, which angles the foot slightly for increased leverage and power transfer. This feature enhances the rider's control and performance, especially during high-speed turns and landings.

The C-6 bindings also come with ThinGrip Plus toe straps and AstroGlyde LT ratchets, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit with minimal pressure points. The ThinGrip Plus toe strap is constructed with a thin profile and a grippy rubber material, which maximizes boot hold and responsiveness. The AstroGlyde LT ratchets are lightweight and feature a smooth release and entry, making it easy to adjust the bindings on the fly.

One unique feature of the RIDE C-6 bindings is the Canted Gas Pedal, which angles the footbed inward slightly, aligning the ankles, knees, and hips for a more natural and comfortable riding stance. This feature reduces fatigue and allows riders to stay on the mountain longer.

The RIDE C-6 bindings are compatible with all major snowboard mounting systems and come in two sizes to fit a wide range of boot sizes. With their durable construction, high-performance features, and versatile compatibility, the RIDE C-6 bindings are an excellent choice for any snowboarder looking to enhance their riding experience on the mountain.


    6/10 Flex 

    check the review out yourself and make your own mind up, 

    (278) The 2022 Ride C-6 Snowboard Binding Review - YouTube

    available in Medium, Large and  

    medium is for men's size 8-10.5

    Large is 11-13