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Ride Twin pig 2023 model 156Wide

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Ride awesome directional shape dream board, the WARPIG but in a TWIN

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RIDE Twinpig Snowboard: Unleash Your Freestyle Potential

Conquer the mountain with the RIDE Twinpig snowboard, an exceptional ride engineered for all-mountain freestyle domination. The Twinpig boasts a versatile profile, combining the best of rocker and camber to deliver a ride that's lively, responsive, and packed with pop.

Designed with a true twin shape, the Twinpig is your ticket to freestyle freedom. Navigate the slopes effortlessly, whether you're ripping through the park, laying down carves on groomers, or seeking fresh powder stashes in the backcountry. The board's symmetrical design ensures an equally exhilarating experience whether riding regular or switch.

Built with precision and innovation, the Twinpig features a high-quality wood core that strikes the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. Advanced construction materials, including carbon fiber and fiberglass, enhance durability and responsiveness, providing a ride that's not only powerful but also playful.

Equipped with a sintered base, the Twinpig ensures you'll glide effortlessly over any snow conditions, while specialized edges grant you unparalleled control and stability through every turn. The medium flex offers a harmonious blend of stability at high speeds and a forgiving nature for expressive freestyle maneuvers.

Discover a snowboard that transcends boundaries and elevates your riding experience. The RIDE Twinpig is not just a board; it's a tool for expression, creativity, and all-mountain mastery. Unleash your freestyle potential and conquer the mountain on the RIDE Twinpig.