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YES HELLO 146cm ladies snowboard 2023 model

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The YES Hello Snowboard is an excellent all-mountain board designed specifically for women. The board features a unique shape and construction that delivers exceptional performance, versatility, and style.

The YES Hello Snowboard features a true twin shape that allows you to ride switch and regular with equal ease. The board has a medium-soft flex, which is ideal for intermediate riders who want a responsive and playful ride. The board's construction is enhanced by the use of a full poplar wood core that provides excellent pop, strength, and durability.

The board's construction is further enhanced by the use of the brand's unique CamRock profile, which combines camber and rocker for a versatile and playful ride. Additionally, the Hello Snowboard has a sintered base that provides excellent speed and durability, ensuring that you can ride with ease and confidence in all snow conditions.

One of the key benefits of the YES Hello Snowboard is its versatility. Whether you are riding in the park, cruising on groomers, or shredding powder, this board can handle it all. Its unique shape and construction provide excellent edge hold, allowing you to carve with ease and confidence, while its responsive flex delivers exceptional pop and control.

The YES Hello Snowboard has won several awards, including the Transworld Snowboarding Good Wood Award, which recognizes outstanding snowboards. The board's main difference from other YES ladies' snowboards is its unique shape and construction, which allows for a more playful and versatile ride.

In conclusion, the YES Hello Snowboard is an exceptional snowboard that offers excellent performance, versatility, and durability. Whether you are an intermediate rider looking to progress your skills or an advanced rider seeking a fun and playful board, the YES Hello Snowboard is an excellent choice. So, if you want a board that can handle any challenge and provide an exceptional riding experience, you should definitely consider the YES Hello Snowboard.

please click on the youtube review and make your own mind up. 

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