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Jones Mind Expander TWIN 151cm 2023 model.

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  1. Profile:

    • The Mind Expander typically features a unique profile designed for all-mountain riding. It often incorporates a combination of rocker and camber elements to provide versatility in various snow conditions.
  2. Shape:

    • The board usually has a directional shape, meaning that it has a distinct nose and tail, with the nose being longer and wider than the tail. This design enhances performance in powder and provides stability at higher speeds.
  3. Core:

    • Jones snowboards are known for using high-quality materials. The Mind Expander may include a specially designed wood core that aims to balance strength, flexibility, and lightweight properties.
  4. Construction:

    • The construction of the Mind Expander often involves advanced techniques and materials to optimize performance. It may include features like carbon fiber, fiberglass, and other composite materials for enhanced strength and responsiveness.
  5. Base:

    • The base material is critical for glide and speed. Jones typically uses a sintered base on their high-end models, providing durability and increased speed in various snow conditions.
  6. Edges:

    • The edges of the board may be designed to enhance grip on hard-packed snow and ice, providing better control and maneuverability.
  7. Flex:

    • The flex of the Mind Expander is likely to be medium to stiff, providing stability at higher speeds and responsive turns.
  8. Terrain Suitability:

    • The Mind Expander is designed to excel in powder and all-mountain conditions. Its directional shape and profile make it suitable for riders who enjoy exploring various types of terrain.
  9. Special Features:

    • Depending on the model year, the Mind Expander might come with specific features such as a 3D-contoured nose, surf-inspired design elements, or other proprietary technologies aimed at improving the overall riding experience.
  10. Graphics:

    • Jeremy Jones is known for collaborating with artists to create unique and visually appealing graphics for his boards. The Mind Expander likely features distinctive artwork that sets it apart.